Century of Vanguardism

Century of Vanguardism


International exhibition-competition of conceptual, avant-garde and abstract art
held as part of Czech Art Weeks


Dates: February 14-29, 2020
Registration: until February 9, 2020.
Address: Hotel and Exhibition Complex and House Museum of the composer Gustav Mahler, Czech Republic, Jihlava, str. Krizova 4.

Vanguard. From the French avant-garde - advanced squad. The direction has no stylistic unity. Belonging to the avant-garde is determined by the non-classical embodiment of ideas and rejection of historically established stereotypes. The real avant-garde is a polemicist, a wrestler, a master of eloquent expression. The avant-garde is characterized by strength (up to aggression), energy, neglect of the technical school and difficulties, often the work carries a mockery of the audience, critics and the general way of life.
The main object of conceptual art is the idea, so it often works with text. Essentially, it studies the boundary between text and visual images. A work of conceptual art can be not only a painting, but also a sculpture, and installation, and performance.


To participate in the competition program are allowed works created in the following techniques:

1) Oil painting;
2) Acrylic painting;
3) Graphic arts;
4) Watercolor art;
5) Pastel;
6) Textile art.



1. Avant-garde
2. Modernism
3. Symbolism
4. Futurism
5. Abstractionism
6. Impressionism
7. Surrealism
8. Pop Art
9. Conceptualism
10. Constructivism
11. Primitivism and naive art
12. Genre experiment


Geometric abstraction
Neo pop art
Op art


The exhibition accepts two- and three-dimensional works.
The two-dimensional dimensions of the work cannot exceed 75 x 85 inches (192 x 218 centimeters).
A three-dimensional work of art (i.e., sculpture) cannot exceed 72 x 72 x 24 inches (184 x 184 x 61 centimeters).
For flat works, an additional coefficient has been introduced: with a canvas size of more than 80 cm and up to 140 cm, for the most part an additional payment of 50% of the cost will be charged. Subsequently, the calculation is for each step of 50 cm.

(Full-time and part-time participants provide the same sets of materials!)

1) Application form (download application form in Word, PDF);
2) Label for each competition entry (download the label in Word, PDF);
3) Personal photo of the author (s);
4) Photographs of art objects presented at the exhibition-contest;
5) Confirmation of payment of the registration fee (copy of receipt, payment information, etc.):
go to the "Registration fee"
go to the section "Methods of payment"


Please note that the artists participating in the exhibition are responsible for the costs associated with the delivery of works to the site and for insurance of works of art while it is in transit.
We also ask you to read the "General Regulations", which regulates the relationship between the authors, the organizers of the exhibition and the organizing committee.